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Information for Festival Goers

Not long to go now until the 6th Kaya Festival! Below is some information that will be helpful to you and will help assist us to ensure you have a speedy entry and are safe at all times.

With the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester all festivals and events are required to be more vigilant in protecting their staff and festival goers. Your safety and well-being is paramount to us and we ask for your support and patience when entering the festival site.

Please follow these simple rules below and have a fantastic, fun filled, Kaya Festival 2017!

Upon entrance on to the site our security team will be conducting stringent security checks on all people, bags, vehicles, including all camper vans and cars; refusal to consent to searches will prevent entry.

Access to the site is conditional on each attendee being sober, not acting in an anti-social manner and possession of personal ID. ID (Original documents) are needed for Hospitality tickets, Challenge 25. Photo copy of ID is okay if a child is 15 or under but looks older.

If our security team suspect that an attendee is drunk or under the influence of street drugs they will be removed quickly from the site and the Police will be informed. Our team have access to and will be using breathalysers in situations where sobriety is disputed. Please drink responsibly!


Our security team are very experienced and searches will be conducted in a polite and respectful manner. The team will endeavour at all times to keep body searches discreet and there will be female security teams available if requested.

The following items are strictly prohibited on site:

  • Glass containers of any kind
  • Weapons
  • Knives
  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescription medication must be kept in its original container with the name of patient and Dr clearly visible.
  • Day ticket holders are subject to the same searches and site rules. A thorough search will be made at the end of each day to ensure that only people with the relevant authorised verification can remain on site.


First off, our best advice is to bring only what you really need – however you arrive, you will inevitably have to carry your belongings from the car park to the camp site.

  • Festival Ticket – all tickets will be scanned for verification. Please do not photocopy someone elses ticket. The scanner will recognise that the ticket has been already used. (Anybody presenting a duplicated ticket will be removed from the site and reported to the Police). Tickets are NON REFUNDABLE! You are, however, permitted to sell your tickets on.
  • A reusable water bottle to fill up from taps on site
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Roll Mat
  • Wellies or sturdy boots
  • A warm jumper (it can get cold at night)
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Water proofs
  • Toiletries
  • Extra loo rolls
  • Enough change of clothes in case you get wet
  • Medical info (if you have any allergies or medical conditions)
  • Torch
  • Bags for rubbish
  • Bring mobile chargers for your phones – only in the event of an emergency will we be able to assist you with phone charging.
  • Only food and alcohol for personal consumption can be brought on site – you will have the opportunity to decanter any beverages you bring from bottled containers in to plastic containers. (it is your responsibility to provide the non – glass container for de-cantering purposes)


  • Too much stuff so you can’t take it home again
  • Please do not bring anything made of glass (even perfume or mirrors) it will be confiscated when found
  • Portable laser equipment or pens
  • Fireworks, sky lanterns, wax flares or kites (persons using unauthorised products will be evicted from the site)
  • Unauthorised tape recordings, professional film or video equipment are not allowed on site – Cameras for personal use are welcome
  • Unauthorised sound systems
  • The use of flying or filming unmanned aerial vehicles is not allowed – and is prohibited by law. We have a working site and the safety of our audience, crew and staff is paramount.
  • No Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • No animals (except registered guide dogs)

Camping Areas

We have four designated camping fields available:

  • Family Camping
  • General Camping
  • Artist and Staff Camping – Please note that you will not be able to enter the Artist/Staff Camping without the correct identification
  • Motorhomes, Campers & Caravans

When you arrive at your designated camping field you will be able to choose where to camp within that area. We highly recommend that people with small or young children camp within the family camping area.

Motorhomes and caravans will be allowed awnings, but friends with tents WILL NOT be permitted to pitch their tents in this field.

Campsite stewards have a base in every camping area. Your wristband will be checked each time you enter your designated campsite.

Camping Tips

  • If you have friends with day tickets they will not be permitted access to the camping area. Please make sure that you pre-arrange meeting points with friends.
  • Please do not take up too much space when camping.
  • BBQs can cause carbon monoxide poisoning when left in your tent. Never put them in an enclosed space, even after they appear to have gone out.
  • You are permitted to bring a gas canister for cooking – maximum size is 9kg.
  • Remember to say hello to your neighbours to build a community feeling and provide greater security. Look after each other!

Crime Reduction

Kaya Festival is an overwhelmingly peaceful event yet it is important to remain vigilant. Protect yourself and your belongings. We will have CCTV to cover the bar area, we will also have a roving security team with personal body cameras to record incidents.

  • Lock and empty your vehicle. Leave the glove compartment open and conspicuously empty.
  • Do not leave valuables in your tent.
  • To make life harder for thieves, leave your tent untidy so there is no obvious bag to grab quickly.
  • Be inventive about where you leave your valuables when sleeping: you may not hear someone enter your tent, so separate your valuables and money into small amounts and hide them in different places.
  • Wear your wristband at all times. If your wristband is damaged you will be issued with a new one but you will need to present the damaged one before a replacement is issued.
  • Don’t challenge people looking through tents – report them to Festival staff or the Police. Campsite stewards are there for you to report suspicious behaviour and offenders will be expelled from site.

If you have something stolen or if you lose something:
There are several lost property points throughout the festival that will be clearly marked or you can present at the Box Office or make contact with a member of staff and they will guide you to the appropriate location.

Additional Information:

Taxis will not be allowed on site. Please arrange a safe and suitable location for collection and drop off in advance.

There will be a shuttle bus service running on a regular basis between the festival site and Bridgend Centre. A small fee will be charged. Check times of this service with the Box Office.

Please ensure that you know the time of the last train or bus that you will need to catch – don’t get stranded we do not have spare accommodation on site.

Stay safe, look after each other and enjoy the festival!

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